Vending Machine

Flopsy Candy Floss Vending Machine

Flopsy Candy Floss vending machines offer an out-of-this-world, deliciously fun experience. 

Our candy floss machines are lovely sweet treats for any occasion, whether you’re out with friends, enjoying a family day out, or looking for a fun activity for kids.

Firstly, our candy floss is a classic treat loved by all. Made from sugar that is melted and then spun into thin threads, candy floss is a delectable and nostalgic treat that can transport you back to your childhood. 

It’s the perfect airy dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth and a great way to add a touch of old-school fun to your day.

Our candy floss machines are easy to use and are sure to be a hit with you and your friends. Simply touch to start, and watch as the brightly coloured spinning head creates fluffy and delicious candy floss. Our machines offer 128 pattern shapes so you can choose your favourite shape and flavour. We recommend experimenting with new combinations each visit for the whole experience.